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    PSA 5A 分子篩
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    PSA 5A 分子篩
      Ozone catalyst
      Honeycomb molecular sieve
      ceramic filter
      Porcelain sand filter
      Water treatment filter material
      Ceramic Random Tower Packing
      Ceramic Strutured Packing
      Plastic Random Tower Packing
      Plastic Structured Packing
      Metallic Random Tower Packing
      Metallic Structured Packing
      Catalyst Bed Support Media
      Acid-resistant Brick,Plate
      Molecular Sieve
      Refractory Ball
      Thermal Storage Ball
      Activated Alumina Ball
      Ceramic Grinding Media
      Honeycomb Ceramic

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    ozone catalyst

         Ozone-catalyzing technology is based on ozone-oxidizing technology, which combines the strong oxidizing property of ozone with the adsorption and catalytic property of catalysts. Ozone-oxidizing catalyst is a kind of selective catalyst material that can change the reaction rate of ozone-oxidizing, and can effectively solve the problem of incomplete organic matter degradation. The multiphase catalytic ozonation method USES solid catalyst to accelerate the oxidation reaction of liquid phase under atmospheric pressure, and the catalyst exists in solid state, which is easy to be separated from water, less secondary pollution, and simplifies the treatment process. Therefore, more and more people pay attention to it.

           We produce the ozone catalyst product is composed of carrier and optimization of the active catalytic components, using unique technology for the preparation of production, large surface area, wear-resisting not to take off the floating dust, use cycle is long, does not produce secondary pollution, strong adsorption, uniform distribution and high catalytic activity, active catalytic components has good degradation effect and high mineralization ability, wastewater removal rate of COD and TOC (total organic carbon removal rate is good, guarantees the ozone product active catalyst component of high utilization rate.

      Application field

          A Pretreatment of high-concentration, biochemical and toxic organic wastewater (such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical and coking coal chemicals, leather, electrophoretic coating, pickling and fermentation wastewater), removal of COD, ammonia nitrogen, chroma and other indicators, and improvement of biodegradability.

      B Production wastewater containing heavy metal ions, such as electroplating, circuit board, mineral processing and smelting, can remove organic pollution, improve the stability of effluent water quality, and ensure the stable operation of the biochemical system in the later stage.

      C For pharmaceutical, chemical, electroplate circuit board industrial park low concentration (LOW COD), refractory wastewater pretreatment, can improve the biochemical wastewater, ensure the biochemical system operation in the back, standard discharge.

          D The original substandard municipal waste water station and industrial waste water station should be renovated to meet the standard, which is convenient and simple and suitable for the market demand of meeting the standard of sewage under the new environmental protection law.

          E Low operating cost, suitable for the transformation of original sewage station, reduce operating cost, meet the operational needs of reducing consumption and saving energy.

          F Application of cod removal and harmful biochemical treatment for drinking water, domestic water, municipal sewage, growth and cultivation of macerated water.

      Technical Index


      Test Item



      Operation pressure



      Ozone concentration



      COD removal rate



      Using time

      ≥5 years


      Bulk Density






      Crushing Strenght



      Wearing rates



      Hydrochloric acid solubility



      Mud and other mixed mass







      Catalytic mechanism

          (1) Organic matter is chemically adsorbed on the surface of the catalyst to form surface polymers with certain nucleophilic properties. Then ozone or hydroxyl radicals oxidize with it, and the intermediate products formed can be further oxidized on the surface, or may be desorbed into the solution to be further oxidized. The catalytic oxidation system of some catalysts with relatively large adsorption capacity usually follows this mechanism.

          (2) The catalyst can not only adsorb organic matter, but also directly react with ozone through REDOX reaction, and the oxidized metal and hydroxyl radical can directly oxidize organic matter.

          (3) The catalyst catalyzes the decomposition of ozone to produce a more active OH oxidant, which reacts with non-chemisorption organic molecules.

          (4) Ozone decomposition catalyst is a new method that can remove those difficult to biodegrade pollutants at room temperature and pressure.

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